Official Diaper Derby 2017 Rules

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Join us for the first annual Bucks County Diaper Derby at Neshaminy Mall on Saturday, September 23rd from 9am -12pm.  Bring the entire family and enjoy a morning of fun as the babies crawl, creep and wander their way across the LevittownNow Race Track.  The contest is open to all babies that crawl but DO NOT WALK.  Pre-registration is required. Entry fee is $25.00.  The Grand Prize winner will receive a $150 Gift Card for Babies R Us sponsored by Inspire Federal Credit Union, 2nd place will receive a $50 gift card.


  1.  Babies MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED by September 23, 2017 by 9:15 a.m.  No entries will be accepted after this time.
  2.  Race is open to babies who crawl but do not walk and can be no older than 14 months as of September 23rd, 2017.  Any baby that get up and walks is immediately disqualified.
  3.  Race is only open to pre-registered babies.  The fee is $25.00
  4.  Contest numbers will be distributed to registered babies on Saturday September 23rd beginning at 9am. After all babies are checked in, heat races will begin around 9:30am.
  5.  Babies must be accompanied by 2 adults: one launcher and one caller.  Adult may not cross over the racetrack.   After the race has begun, adults may not touch the baby or the baby is disqualified.  You may bring favorite toys or objects to attract the baby, but object may not cross over into the race area.  If the baby returns to the launcher or leaves the race area, the baby is disqualified. No reaching over the finish line to assist your baby or they will be disqualified.
  6. As soon as a Diaper Derby staff member says “go” you may not touch your child.
  7. The parent/legal guardian of every baby participating in the Diaper Derby must sign a copy of the official rules.
  8. Any baby not present at the time their heat is called is disqualified.
  9.  Babies and their adults must remain outside the Baby Racing Area prior to the start of their assigned race.  Baby Coordinators will arrange babies into heat groups as the race progresses.
  10.  Decision of the judges is final in all cases.
  11. Online registration does not guarantee participation in the Diaper Derby, baby and parent/legal guardian must show up for check-in by 9:20 am with proof of age and sign the contest rules & release in order to participate.
  12. Official race time starts at 9:30.
  13. Rules are subject to change at any time.